How to enrol

All enrolments will be taken online, apart from our two enrolment days (please see below). It is important that you have access to the internet as our communication is online based, and to ensure your enrolment is processed properly.

Click here to enrol

Enrolling online

The online enrolment process should be simple enough by just following the prompts. However, if you need help, please refer to the step by step instructions listed below.

  • When you click on this link, you will need to fill in all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk*) on the first page 'Parent Details' and any other fields you wish to, before clicking on 'Next'.
  • The next page is 'Student Details' and you will need to fill in all mandatory fields again before pressing 'Save' (green button).
  • You can then add another student if you have more than one student in the family by pressing light blue button 'Click Here To Add Another Student'. Follow prompts as with previous student details. If no additional students, press 'Next'.
  • This next page is where you select your class/es. Firstly, select student from first drop down box (if you have more than one student), then select a standard from 'Grade' dropdown box (Please use the timetable for correct names to assist). They are listed in alphabetical order. For example, for a Wiggle & Giggle Class, select 'Babies - Wiggle and Funky 4s'. The 'Grade' is the only compulsory drop down box. Once you have done this, press the blue button' Find Classes'.
  • Alternatively, you can further filter the classes by using the any or all of the next 3 drop down boxes (Venue, Date Range and Days).
  • The available classes matching your criteria will come up on the right. Full details of the classes will be listed so please check very carefully before selecting. Ensure that the Grade (class type), day, time, venue etc are correct. Remember that one of the drop down boxes is 'Venue' so if you can't find your class, check that venue is correct.
  • When you find your first correct class, select it by ticking the box on the left of that class and then pressing blue button 'Add Classes'.
  • Repeat this for all classes you wish to add then press 'Next' at bottom right.
  • Check all details are correct and press 'Submit All Details'.

All enrolments will have to be approved and processed by a studio staff member to ensure students are enrolled in the correct classes.

Students' enrolments will not be approved and processed until you pay your Annual Enrolment Fee via EFT to lock in your classes ($50 per individual student or $65 for families with more than one student). Please email your transfer receipt to Kate at studio23invoicing@gmail.com.

Studio policies
To protect the safety and welfare of our students and parents, Studio 23 has the following policies.


No nuts
Students are not permitted to bring in any food products that contain nuts as we have friends at dancing who may be allergic to them.
No bullying
Studio 23 provides a safe and non-discriminatory place for all students, parents and teachers. Bullying is not acceptable and any such behaviour will not be tolerated.
Being on time for class is very important. All students must be ready to dance at least five minutes before the start of class. Late students miss work they have paid for and interrupt other students in the class.
Parents are asked to park and escort their child into the dance studio. Please consider the businesses and homes around our studios when dropping off and collecting your child and do not park across driveways. For those attending at our Peakhurst Studios, there are only 6 allocated parking spots available. These are the ones with a number '4' or '5' written on them. Please DO NOT park in any other parking space. Street parking is available on Lorraine Street and on Rosa and Neville Streets if your child is dancing at Oatley Anglican Church.
Studio 23 requests that students do not bring any valuables such as ipods, Nintendo DS or large sums of money to class. Studio 23 will not take any responsibility for property that is lost or stolen.
Parents watching
Parents of Pre-Primary students and older are not able to remain in the studio to watch their child dance as there simply is not enough room for both parents and children to move. The students find the background chat of parents and siblings very distracting. Studio 23 will have a special Watching Day in each of Terms 1, 2 and 3. On this day you may bring your mum, dad, grandma and, of course, your video camera to capture your little dancer!
Parents of Wiggle & Giggle
Parents of children in the Wiggle and Giggle class are allowed to stay in the studio during their child's class. However, parents are asked to keep talking to a minimum and to keep all siblings still and quiet also. At this young age it is difficult for children to keep up the concentration so please do help us by taking restless younger siblings outside during the class.
Parents of Funky 4s
Parents of children in the Funky 4s class may sit in the studio for the first few lessons but then we ask that they leave in the middle of the class and come back to watch their child for the last five minutes. Children at this age really do concentrate and learn more with as little distraction as possible. Please contact Miss Beth if you have any particular concerns or would like to discuss this further.
Fees & payment policy
Annual enrolment fee
An annual enrolment fee of $50 per child or $65 per family must be paid prior to the first lesson to cover overheads, administration and mailing costs, as well as a special trophy at the end of the year.
Payment of fees
Fees will be emailed prior to the start of the term and they will be due NO LATER than Week 2 of Term. Every family will have a minimum of 14 days to make payment. Payments can be made via cash, cheque, direct debit or electronic transfer. Electronic transfer details can be found on the invoice for each term. For our Wiggle and Giggle and Funky 4 students we also have the option of the class card payment which is a payment of 5 lessons upfront and in turn we mark off the card when a lesson is attended.
Missed classes
Overhead costs continue regardless of how many students attend classes, therefore there can be no refunds for classes not attended. Instead, students are encouraged to attend make-up classes on another day of the week.
We request that you do not interrupt lessons with fee enquiries. For all questions regarding fees, please contact our book keeper Kate at studio23invoicing@gmail.com. or Nicole at nicolefelton_01@hotmail.com.
Studio 23 provides students with the opportunity to do examinations in RAD ballet and Glenn Wood tap. If you would like more information about ballet or tap exams, please contact Miss Beth. All students in Grade 1 and above who wish to participate in a ballet exam must attend two ballet lessons a week from the start of the year.
Primary students must start attending their second ballet class in Term 2.
There are specific dress requirements for ballet exams. See our Exam Dress Requirements section below for more information.

Dress code & uniform

Studio uniform
Our studio colours are black and purple so please wear them and be proud! We have a studio uniform available and although it is not compulsory we do encourage students to wear it. Uniform includes t-shirts, singlets and shorts. Students are encouraged to mix and match these items. The uniform is very affordable with tops starting from $20 and is available from the Official Studio. We love to see our students wearing at least some of the uniform and it helps students to feel part of the Studio 23 family.
Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail for most classes and in a bun for all older ballet classes.
Ballet dress code
Girls taking part in their ballet exams MUST wear a ballet leotard to every lesson.
Boys should wear loose shorts and a firm-fitting shirt to their ballet lessons. During winter, students may wear a crossover or tight-fitting dance top to keep warm. The character skirts needed for students in Grades 1 to 8 are supplied by the studio.
Although any colour leotard may be worn to class for practice, there are specific requirements for leotards worn in ballet exams.
Wiggle & Giggle / Funky 4s dress code
Pink leotard
Pink skirt
Pink socks
Pink ballet flats
Camel tap shoes (Funky 4s only)
Black shorts
Studio 23 t-shirt or comfortable shirt
Black ballet flats
Black tap shoes (Funky 4s only)
You are welcome to bring your child in bare feet until you are sure she or she will be continuing with the class.
Jazz, Hip Hop & Tap dress code
Students may wear any clothing that is suitable and comfortable for dancing to these classes but we do encourage students to wear the Studio 23 uniform. If the student is already wearing a leotard from their preceding ballet class, they can put on a skirt, shorts, 3/4 pants or their Studio 23 top over the leotard.
For jazz, split-sole jazz shoes should be worn. Please check with your class teacher regarding the correct shoe colour.
Camel tap shoes for girls and black tap shoes for boys are required for tap.
For Hip Hop, students should wear street shoes, sneakers, etc.
Exam dress requirements
Pre Primary to Primary
Pink sleeveless leotard
Pink ballet socks
Pink ballet skirt
Pink ballet flats
Grade 1
Pale blue sleeveless leotard
Pink ballet socks in summer, ballet stockings in winter
Pink ballet flats
Black character shoes
Grades 2 & 3
Lilac sleeveless leotard
Pink ballet stockings
Pink ballet flats
Black character shoes
Grades 4 & up
Navy sleeveless leotard
Pink ballet stockings
Pink ballet flats
Black character shoes